(SM5ADU)'s Download Directory
Name: Mathias Hemberg
Callsign: (SM5ADU)
City: Stockholm
State/Province: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Email: mathias@o-network.se
SDR & other radios: Racal 2561(VXI), HP E6500, Racal 6790, Siemens CHR-531, WJ-8626A-4, WJ-8628A-4, Racal 1778, Racal 1772, Rohde EB100, ICOM R8500, ICOM R75
Computer Equipment: PC`s and Notebooks.
General Comments: I used to be a Ham many years ago (see call sign)but lack of time stopped it. I have been working with Electronic R&D including RF for many years. Hope to have more time in the future
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